Find a current event article about Afghanistan OR Pakistan and present it to the class. Look to scholarly newspapers, magazines, and/or websites to locate this article. The following databases, accessed through UM's library website, are also helpful in locating an academic article:

  • Click on "High School Library"
  • Click on "Reference Materials"
  • Click on "Social Studies"
  • Search under:
    • Issues and Controversies, ABC Clio, Global Issues in Context

  • Click on "High School Library"
  • Click on "Finding Periodicals"
  • Search under:
    • Proquest, Ebscohost, Master File Premier, Newspaper Source, Green File, ELibrary, Infotrack, JSTOR

Once you have located your article, write a thorough summary of the article (1-2 paragraphs), write your personal reaction (1-2 paragraphs), identify any connections between the article and events, themes, or characters in our novel, and explain how the article answers any one of our course essential questions (1-2 paragraphs).

*Be sure to pick an article that you understand. I am happy to sit down with you once you've located an article if you'd like help making sense of it. If it is apparent that your article does not make sense to you, you will not receive credit.

10 points extra credit for one article
5 additional points for additional articles.
Maximum: 3 Articles total