As we read, often our class discussions will come back to many of the course essential questions. As you read and complete your double-entry journal, please take note of anytime one of our questions surfaces.

Humans recognize their history and future as they struggle to develop a civilized existence.

1. How is power used and abused? Who makes the rules? Why? What makes a leader?
2. How do humans explain their existence in the universe?
3. Why do humans create art?
4. What are human rights? Who decides what is right and wrong?
5. How does where we live impact who we are?
6. Male and female: how do we determine the role, power, and responsibility for each?
7. Who matters most: the individual or the community?
8. Why are some rich and some poor?
9. Do science and technology help or hurt?
10. Who owns natural resources? What is responsible use of these resources? Who determines that?
11. What is civilized? What is barbaric? Who decides?