Friday, November 11th

Assignment: Point-of-View Letter Writing

MEET EXPECTATIONS: 1-2 page typed, submitted letter

Monday, November 14th
  • Take the time today to catch yourself up on any work for our novel so far.
  • By the end of the period, be sure you have done the following:
    • Submit the letter writing assignment from Friday
    • Respond to the "I'd rather eat dirt" blog
    • Have completed double-entry journals up to chapter 11
      • These will be collected tomorrow!
    • Read ch11 for class tomorrow

Monday, November 28th
  • Today you are going to be making a collage on the front of your double-entry journal.
  • Decorate the journal under one of the following guidelines:
    • Pretend you are Amir, decorating your writers journal. What kind of words and images would Amir reflect?
    • Pretend you are Hassan, decorating your journal with memories of your childhood. What kind of words and images would Hassan reflect?
    • Choose any words and images that YOU associate with the novel this far. Be sure to consider characters, themes, and conflict.
  • The final collage should have roughly 3-4 images AND 6-8 words. Your selections should be substantial and should all connect back to Amir, Hassan, or the novel as a whole.

Wednesday, November 30th
  • Today you are going to test out your acting skills!
  • Amir is off to Kabul and bound to face the Taliban, along with his own internal battles. Working in a group of three, write roughly a one-two page script with Amir and any two other characters that predicts what will happen in the novel moving forward
  • The other characters can be people we've met OR new characters that you think will have some impact on Amir's life
  • Be sure to clarify who each character is AND what predictions you are making (in other words, this shouldn't be a small, insignificant conversation, but one that reveals changes to the story)
    • Be sure to write from the first-person perspective for each character
  • Each group will act out the script for the class :)

Wednesday, December 13th