Choice Board Activity
Directions: As we are reading The Kite Runner, you will be responsible for completing any three of the nine assignments below. The activities are designed to give you choice and flexibility in demonstrating your understanding of Afghanistan as well as literary concepts in The Kite Runner. These activities will be due at different times throughout the unit. You will be given notice as the due date is approaching, but you should work on your activities on a regular basis for the duration of the unit. Some class time will be given, however, you are also expected to work on these assignments out of class.

1. Write a review of the book in the style of a movie review. Conclude by awarding a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” rating. You will need to investigate book and movie review styles and techniques!
2. Re-write a thorough summary of the novel so far from the perspective of Hassan or Baba. Be sure to include major events and to consider how these events would be seen through the eyes of a character besides Amir.
3. Identify one significant quote in the novel. Draw/design a poster with that quote in mind. Your poster should showcase a key scene or character that relates back to this quote. (Be sure to put the quote somewhere on the poster!)
4. Create a children’s book version of The Kite Runner. This book should cover the main plot points, characters, and themes of the novel. However, it should be written with children in mind. Be sure to add images and colors!
5. Research Afghanistan Today: What are the pros and cons of living there? What is the political situation now? Prepare a Power Point presentation (approximately 10-15 slides.
6. Create a book jacket: Draw a new cover for the book The Kite Runner. Remember, the book has a back cover, too! Investigate types of text included on the back of book jackets. An explanation of cover art should accompany your illustration detailing the artistic meaning and intent.
7. Write a meaningful song, poem, or rap that tells the story of the novel. Be sure to include the novel’s major concepts!
8. Write a two-page analysis explaining how any one of our course essential questions is answered by The Kite Runner. Explore the questions and think about which ones are most thoroughly addressed. Be sure to write thoughtful and well-supported arguments!
9. Create a soundtrack that would enhance a reader’s enjoyment and understanding of the novel. Select at least five appropriate songs, record them onto a CD, create a cover, and write the liner notes that connect the songs to key scenes or themes in the novel.